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October 2016

Alton Runners' regret intended race is withdrawn

As you may have seen from an email I sent out to the committee a couple of weeks ago, we have been informed that we can not use Chawton Woods for our xc race and we are unable to find an alternative venue, therefore I would be grateful if you could inform Bob that we are withdrawing our offer. Hopefully in 2018 we will be able to put the race on.

1st Race - Pamber Forest

Sorry for the late publishing of the Pamber Forest race results. I have been to Germany to play darts against The Young Boys of Bõthel - a fixture that began 24-years ago in Petersfield and has since been played annually home and away. I was christened "Bob the Dart" but my performance does not match the title!

Enjoy Pamber Forest

I find myself in Germany on the day of the race so cannot be with you. The host Club have worked hard to ensure a successful event and are very proud of there Sausages. The website has been playing up but my fingers are crossed that it is working now. QED,

SCCL Annual Fee

Please inform Club Treasurers that The SCCL Annual Fee £25 needs to payable to "R Ayer". Bob