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First Aid Confirmation

Post Meeting Note: Tim has confirmed that the fee of £70 per event will cover as follows:

1) A minimum 3-hour window including travelling time. Typically the team of 2 first-aiders will arrive onsite at 10:30 and stay until 12:30. If there is any treatment required that continues beyond 12:30, they stay until that is finished. Collingwood are based at Windsor and Salisbury, and the team will be dispatched from wherever is the closest office to each race event.
2) Each host club should contact Collingwood Medical Services 2 weeks before their event, with details of the race venue and any special site access details. The manager is Deane, and his email address is, and telephone 07851 381779
3) Collingwood will invoice for the seven events in total as a single payment at the end of the series (£490) i.e. March 2017.