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SXCL Annual Meeting 2018

Our Annual Meeting of SXCL Club Reps has been called for Wed 30 May 2018 starting 8pm. at Bob's House.

End of season

Our final race of 2017/18 hosted by HBAC at The Royal School Farnham was brilliant in all respects. Constrained to a spectator role with a mission to see all the runners 'flash by' near the end of the race is a splendid opportunity to encourage every runner as they flashed by and almost every runner managed at least a smile as the sped by with a downhill in sight and the nearby race marshal matched my enthusiasm and may have even exceeded it. The little army who reversed the course to help and assist a runner possibly in need of support says a lot for our League. Thanks to all of our host clubs for an enjoyable race series

Detailed Resullts - FIRST DRAFT

I have completed a 1st draft of individual race results - and am now going to have a lie down! You will see that some of the individual race results are easy to read and a few are not! I will have a look to see what I can do about the hard ones, if anything, but not today.
At the very least it will enable the Committee to consider good formats for next season. Read More...

Detailed Race Results

I have set about the task of adding the detailed race results to the SXCL website. A formidable task not least because I need to remind myself how to do it! The only race I have published so far is Race 5 at Manor Farm. The links to the previous races exist but are currently not populated. At the next Committee Meeting it is worth considering the merits of having a common pro forma for all races. I am very conscious of the work load we place on host Clubs so we should think more than twice before increasing the burden! Read More...

Watch This Space - Race Results

It seems that the results have been sent to me - but not received as yet. I will keep looking and publish as soon as I can. Read More...